Fine Art

I work primarily in Acrylics, Graphite Pencil and Mixed Media. I have worked in Oils, Watercolor, Ink, Pastel, Silkscreen, Air Brush, Etching, Wood cut. lino cut and Clay. I have a stock of finished work, I also take private commissions. My approach to Fine Art commissions is much like my approach to Murals and Trompe L’oiel . It is a little like a recipe. A variety of items are added and we come up with something unique, personal and quite delicious.

Photos coming shortly...

‘Chief Joseph’      Colored Pencil    29″X34″


‘Pickle Jar’ Acrylic on Canvas 18″X24″


‘Gumby Pickle Jar’ Acrylic on Canvas 3’X4′


‘Space Needle Pickle Jar’ Acrylic on Canvas 18″X24″


‘Preserved Memories’ Acrylic on Canvas 24″X30″


‘Jaguar’ Acrylic on Canvas 3’X4′


‘Big Sky with Kite’ Acrylic on Canvas 4’X5′


‘Head Rooster’ Acrylic on Canvas 30″X40″


‘Adams Hat Trick’ Graphite and colored pencil 22″X28″


‘Egtptian Wall’ Mixed Media on wood 5’X6 1/2′


‘Tuscan Scene’ Acrylic on Canvas 30″X36″


‘Got Goldilocks?’ Acrylic on canvas 2’X3′