Faux Finishes

Faux finishes are many things;

Wood Graining, Marbleizing, Wall glazing, Color Washing, Venetian Plaster, Gold and Silver Foil, Crackling…. and more.

One wall can be Faux Finished or all the walls and the ceiling. Furniture  as well as ordinary objects around your home can be fauxed. Such as frames pots, urns, columns, fireplaces, just about anything that does not move. Adding faux finishes to walls can bring your furnishings to life and add ambiance to any room. A faux can be bold or subtle adding warmth to any surface.  Faux finishing ordinary items such as pots , columns and furniture can make your décor more cohesive. For example if a piece of furniture doesn't quite match , faux it, if your old mirror frame needs refreshing, faux it , instead of replacing it you can faux it to fit in with your décor.

You would be surprised by what you can do with a simple faux.

A Faux finish was applied to feature the architecture in this room.


Applying a Faux finish to this column and archway bring them in to fouus.


A Venetian Plaster was applied to the Living Room and Dining Room to give and “Old World” effect.


The blue jay with the peanut and his little bird house is painted over faux color washed stripes.


A Faux marbled column adds romance to the master bath.


As you can see this is a work in progress.


This is an example of faux wood grain. The picture was taken before the blue tape was removed. I love creating this wood grain faux …transforming a plain painted piece of pressed wood product into a lovely wood grain…giving it a personality.


As you can see this is a work in progress. Wood grain faux is completed to match the coloring in the existing wood cabinetry, and the ceiling has a soft faux to give the ceiling a patina.


Foot stool from young adult.


To teenager.